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    My wonderful niece started the year off with a beautiful pencil quilt for me! She’s such a dear soul 🙂

    You can see the music detail in one of the pieces!  Very special:)



    Children’s Classic readers got a surprise!  They are using iPods to listen and read their books!  This is Peter Pan and we maIMG_2095de Neverland maps.


    Our Ecology Club traveled to Outlook Nebraska, Inc., a


    place that makes paper towels and toilet paper from recycled materials and their staff is vision impaired.  We learned what kind of technologies they use to “see” their work.  One lady had on $15,000 glasses and she could finally see!  She was so excited.  There are only 2 pairs of these glasses being used in the United States!


    We saw the world’s largest toilet paper rolls and they even recycle the dust the cutting machines make!

    IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2133 IMG_2115

    We ended our tour with special goggles that made it very difficult to see out of, so we had a sense of what the workers did each day.  Now a very special thing happened from our tour here.  The students were wondering why didn’t OPS buy their paper products when the carbon footprint would be so small and the quality very good?  So we wrote a letter to the purchasing officer and she came and talked to our club.  The bid process for OPS is very detailed and we learned Outlook NE did not place a bid and OPS cannot solicit bids.  So she encouraged us to tell Outlook NE to place and bid and become a Tier I/II business as these are the kinds of businesses OPS will first look to buy from.  So again our club wrote a letter – this time to Outlook, NE!  Activism in progress!!




    How do students learn the instruments of the orchestra?  Second graders start with four instruments from the four instrument families.  Can you tell which ones they are by their artwork?? 🙂






    Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.04.58 PM

    All-City is always the first weekend in February and we had 14 singers from Chandler View participate.


    February also took the Music Club into 4 rehearsals for our musical, Compose Yourself.  We had 33 students from 3rd grade to 6th grade participate.


    Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 5.41.20 AM thumb_IMG_2172_1024 thumb_IMG_2177_1024

    thumb_IMG_2261_1024 thumb_IMG_2200_1024 thumb_IMG_2205_1024 thumb_IMG_2204_1024 thumb_IMG_2233_1024 thumb_IMG_2279_1024 thumb_IMG_2290_1024 thumb_IMG_2315_1024

    Our performance was Friday, February 12 and many parents came to watch our shining stars!  What a great way to spend an evening 🙂

    thumb_IMG_2354_1024 thumb_IMG_2359_1024 thumb_IMG_2355_1024 thumb_IMG_2339_1024 thumb_IMG_2340_1024 thumb_IMG_2342_1024 thumb_IMG_2346_1024 thumb_IMG_2336_1024 thumb_IMG_2333_1024

    Our Music Club was delighted to spend an evening in NYC!  Well, we read the day’s newspaper, toured various NYC landmarks via the internet, ate a wonderful catered pasta meal – complete with cheese cake, and then traveled downtown to Thomas Mangelsen’s studio and then to the Broadway musical Newsies.  Great show, great kids, great night!


    IMG_2374 IMG_2375

    Children’s Classics read Pinocchio and then we made these scarf marionettes.  It was good to see the kids struggle a bit to get knots tied and their puppet put together!!


    IMG_2380 IMG_2383 IMG_2378 (1)

    Our administrative staff always does such a wonderful job for teacher appreciation week!  This year they thought we were Hollywood stars!! Fun.

    What did you do with your extra day this year?  We “leaped” over to Fontenelle Forest with some of the Ecology Club members.  We helped pick up trash along the trails.

    IMG_2399 IMG_2397 IMG_2395

    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.49.19 PM

    I went to Kaneko for a lecture from a scientist interested in what’s happening to our amphibian population.  What he’s found is disgusting!  Atrazine, a herbicide that kills weeds, has changed males frogs into female frogs and deformed them.  And this carries on at least 3 generations.  I was glad I went, but am sad to know what we’ve done to our planet.  His name is Tyrone Hayes.  The exhibits were cool to look at too as their theme is water.

    IMG_2406 IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_2409

    I attended a delightful Irish music concert by the Omaha symphony at the Holland Center – not the greatest seats, but hey, you can still hear the music just fine there:)  And I thought I’d share the most intense, largest, and longest lasting sun dog with you!

    IMG_2422 IMG_2424

    One cold weekend morning Leanne and I met at Spring Creek Audubon Prairie in hopes of hearing and seeing prairie chickens.  Nope!  But we did enjoy listening to all the other birds!!

    IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2430 IMG_2432

    We then cut down a dead tree at Leanne’s and had a nice picnic by a near-by lake.  I guess Emily didn’t think she looked photo ready.  Her aunt thinks she’s beautiful any time!


    It’s time for the Ecology Club to put up the fencing around one of our flower beds!  Guess it was a committee thing 🙂 with a lookout posted too!! ha

    IMG_2448 IMG_2449

    It’s Ceili time for Chandler View’s Music Club!  We invited our parents, past teachers, present teachers, friends, retired teachers, and families for an evening of dancing!  We ended with a splendid catered Irish meal of potato soup, Irish soda bread, green apples, oranges, cookies, and green punch!  What a team effort to make this lively – and I think, becoming a tradition – come to life!

    IMG_2460 IMG_2487 IMG_2455 IMG_2458 IMG_2462 IMG_2499 IMG_2454 IMG_2461 IMG_2459 IMG_2476 IMG_2482 IMG_2468 IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2517 IMG_2500 IMG_2465

    This was our Easter table.  It’s good to have a loving family!


    Our Ecology Club is very busy on Thursday mornings…mulching, recycling, or learning new things!

    IMG_2581 IMG_2583 IMG_2579 IMG_2577

    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.49.41 PM

    IMG_0367 IMG_0368

    Here’s Emily presenting at the American Educational Research Association in Washington, D.C.  Her paper was entitled:  FCS Teachers, English Learners, and a Neglected Democratic Corner of High School. Pretty proud of this girl!!


    Our Music Club had their annual Spring Sing at Walnut Creek Retirement Center.  The residents love the children as much as I do, and we had a great afternoon of singing and conversing!



    Last fall our Ecology Club members planted 300 tulip bulbs and this spring we are enjoying our efforts!


    During the pre-schooler’s parent visitation day, our Ecology Club went out and made them honorable Ecology Club members!  It fit well with the book they had read about various clubs children can join to help save the earth.


    Every Thursday morning our Ecology Club has a parade of recycle bins out to the main recycle dumpster.  During the spring, the members are very busy with yard work too.  They learned how to cut seed potatoes and then went out and planted 5 rows of them in our garden.  We took the straw off the strawberries, cleaned up the hosta beds and poured vinegar along the garden fence to kill off the grass and weeds.  This was all, of course, washed down with some great pizza!

    IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2626 IMG_2627


    We also made plant containers out of recycled lunch boxes and filled them with dirt and gave each classroom a baggie of marigold seeds that we had grown and harvested for a school-wide Earth Day celebration.

    GetAttachmentThumbnail-2 GetAttachmentThumbnail GetAttachmentThumbnail-1

    Here’s a video we made about what Ecology Club does for our school.  Please click on the blue words to view the movie. 🙂

    My Movie – Small

    On Arbor Day the entire school assembled in the gym to have an Earth/Arbor Day program.  Each class had learned a song from the musical, Assignment: Earth, and stood up and sang it when our Ecology Club, who acted as emcees, announced their piece.  The teachers even got into the act by doing a green rap!

    Resized_20160429_150044 Resized_20160429_150600 Resized_20160429_145142

    Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.39.59 AM

    The Ecology Club planted a wildflower garden we hope will attract many butterflies, transplanted purple cone flower into our track dedication garden, and planted popcorn, okra, beets, carrots, and Swiss chard in the garden.


    On Saturday, May 7 Emily Mae Manning graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Family and Consumer Science with High Distinction!  We are so proud of your work Emily 🙂

    Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.47.22 AM IMG_2710HcjT7324QRirJxHj4kzEonurumkyEo5g4oPXv11YwOCpZWa6uzcwzT7BWqMlEHrutFzEbQ=s85

    IMG_2707 IMG_2709

    IMG_2712 IMG_2718

    IMG_2721 Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.11.25 PM


    Emily is off on a full-ride to the University of Missouri in Columbia to get her Masters degree.

    Cougars were planting trees and flowers in May.

    IMG_2733 IMG_2729 IMG_2731 IMG_2728

    Leanne, Mark and Emily traveled to the Czech Republic and got to see many relatives and birth places of Joseph Novak and Marie Kabes. They sent me pictures and emailed me, so I felt like I was on the trip too!

    Joseph Novak’s birthplace.                                Cesky Krumlov                     St. Charles bridge, Praha.

    IMG_0542 Southern Bohemia copy Charles Bridge copy

    Marie Kabes/Little Karel’s back yard.              Little Karel’s kitchen.  Wow!

    IMG_0555 IMG_0557

    Rose & husband, Charlie’s wife.  Alenka & mother.              Joseph Novak’s house.

    czech republic copy IMG_2764 Czech's house copy

    Cousins at Little Karel’s new house.


    Little Karel’s new house on Marie Kabes farm.       Marie Popek yard.

    IMG_0552 IMG_0609

    Joseph Novak’s birth place.            Early morning picture of Prague while Emily was on her run.

    czech's house CZ early morning Praha copy

    Cousins in Marie’s yard.


    Arnost and family with mother Jitka.


    Sun setting over the castle.         Alenka gave both Leanne and I these beautiful garnet pieces.

    riverboat and Castle IMG_2778 IMG_2775

    Emily and kroj in the Municipal House and my favorite of the trip, Emily on the St Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle in the back ground.  How very special 🙂

    Emily in Municipal House copy Emily Czech Queen copy (1)0-ShLw5EAmMwkiOezQ1E2RRKr8NKfSNsZ2YFJjDL0tXq2djqfAHQuqKHtrP-UT1RieMd=s85

    The Mannings in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace!

    Mannings at Municipal House

    Emily and Rose’s mother in Charlie’s back yard.


    Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.00.09 PM

    I’m trying something new this year.  CSA from the Common Good Farm just north of Raymond.  This was week 3’s bounty!

    IMG_2797 IMG_2794

    June means it’s CAMP COUGAR.  Our theme is Behind the Scenes….How Things Work!  So for Music and Nature we’re learning about bugs and doing lots of gardening.

    IMG_2799 IMG_2803

    Here’s our track dedication wild flower garden and our vegetable garden!

    IMG_2800 IMG_2808

    IMG_2811 IMG_2875

    Picking strawberries is always fun!

    IMG_2869 IMG_2868

    Oh dear!  This tree is infested with caterpillars!!

    IMG_2820 IMG_2864

    How about a bucket of radishes??  For many, the first time to eat fresh from the garden.

    IMG_2854 IMG_2850 IMG_2846 IMG_2843 IMG_2848 IMG_2857

    Kindergartners can weed, and pull radishes!

    IMG_2822 IMG_2819 IMG_2815 IMG_2814 IMG_2876 IMG_2878

    Eating those strawberries is the best part!

    IMG_2825 IMG_2840

    We painted ants too!  And our little worker ants planted 6 new peonies!

    IMG_2836 IMG_2830

    IMG_2889 IMG_2888

    After studying about bees, our campers got to taste bread, butter, and honey!  Most had never tasted honey and some liked it so well they ate 4 pieces of bread, butter, and honey 🙂

    IMG_2898 IMG_2897 IMG_2903 IMG_2900 IMG_2899

    Our 4th grader felt great pride and satisfaction by mulching all the landscaping at Chandler View this June.

    IMG_2907 IMG_2926 IMG_2929 IMG_2930

    Our 1st graders traveled to Chicago Dogs to see how things work behind the scenes, walked across the street to eat lunch and see the horse statues of the fallen policemen and women and then got to stand in 2 states at once on the Bob Kerrey bridge.  Of course the splash pad was a big hit too!

    IMG_2918 IMG_2922 IMG_2923 IMG_2912 IMG_2911 IMG_2909

    IMG_2937 IMG_2950 IMG_2948 IMG_2940 IMG_2942 IMG_2941

    Our campers were no strangers to our garden and had fun picking strawberries, and sweet peas and learning the names of some of the vegetables.  And what could be more fun than a simple wagon ride as a treat to doing all the mulching?? 🙂

    IMG_2938 IMG_2939

    It was time for our first graders to travel again.  To the fire station and car dealership, and the next week to the 1st National Bank and the mall park for lunch and the big slides and on to Ted & Wally’s for ice cream.  Who wouldn’t want this check?? 🙂

    IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2996 IMG_3002 IMG_2989 IMG_3003 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2952

    Camp Cougar ended with all of us wearing our Behind the Scenes….How Things Work shirts and the 3rd graders presented their musical entitled “Character Keys” and Mr Eversoll had a slide show of all the activities we took part in during Camp Cougar.  What a great way to end our 20 days of camp!!

    IMG_3025 IMG_3028 IMG_3023

    The following link will let you watch our first number and title song of our musical.


    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.48.07 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.54.52 PM

    I learned a great deal about trees during this 3 day convention and I treated myself and stayed at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City!

    IMG_3064 IMG_3063

    This amazing state champion Black Walnut is 145 years old and greets everyone who goes to Arbor Lodge!

    IMG_3060 IMG_3061

    They have 38 rows of hazelnut trees.  The squirrels are in heaven!!


    It’s fun to walk with the trees overhead.  I look at trees differently now – especially when it comes to pruning!

    IMG_3079 IMG_3076

    This is Smokey.  He lives in Fairview Manor.  Dad had a fall on Father’s Day and was out in the sun and heat for 24 hours before the Windstream repairman happened to come by and find him.  He stayed 3 nights in the hospital and then came to Fairview Manor.  On August 1st Dad will go to assisted living there at the manor.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.58.36 PM

    I attended a half day solar/wind meeting and found some great curricular ideas to use with our Ecology Club.  The Nebraska Green Ribbon will be awarded this year and students work through investigations to earn their points and do a community service project.  You can bet Cougars will be taking part in this opportunity!


    And just because students aren’t in school, doesn’t mean the CV garden isn’t growing!  Soon to have many cantaloupe!

    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.20.53 PM

    IMG_3105 IMG_3108 IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3107 IMG_3106

    I took a Wonders of Wetlands class here.  A wetland area on the side of West Maple in Omaha!  My ice cube tray had LOTS of living things in it after I pulled the water out of the pond!  Their wildflower garden is amazing!  Even a blue heron was there to say hi:)

    Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 9.52.20 AM

    IMG_3116 IMG_3115

    These were the first of 30+ muskmelons the CV garden produced this year!

    IMG_3137 IMG_3136

    Our CV garden!



    Our staff meeting, my room, and you see some of the weirdest things on the interstate!!



    Emily moved to Columbia, Missouri for graduate school in a U-Haul trailer with the Nebraska State Fair on it!  How appropriate as Leanne thought she was taking state fair entries in to be judged!! ha 🙂

    IMG_3188 IMG_3185 IMG_3197 IMG_3196

    Our Cornhuskers harvested our popcorn crop this year.  Some of the ears were 10 inches long!  We plan to use the popcorn for our Christmas program entitled “Let’s Go to the Movies!”

    IMG_3209 IMG_3208

    Our happy First graders are working on their rhythms!

    Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 9.52.30 AM


    Chandler View scored the most points in the Green School Initiative contest and we planted peonies with our prize money.  the beauty berry bushes seem to like our campus too – they would probably be twice as big if we could keep the deer and bunnies from eating them!

    IMG_3276 IMG_3274 IMG_3279

    It’s time to get the popcorn stalks to the compost pile and harvest the carrots!

    IMG_3302 IMG_3301

    These are our 4th graders in Children’s Classic class.  They meet during their lunch and recess time and we’ve been reading A Christmas Carol.  We will go to the Nebraska Theater Caravan’s production at South High School.  Our next book will be the 1st illustrated Harry Potter book!  Look out all your muggles!

    IMG_3286 IMG_3285 IMG_3289 IMG_3288 IMG_3290 IMG_3292 IMG_3296 IMG_3299

    Ecology Club traveled to Camp Brewster to participate in the national Green Apple Day of Service by harvesting forb seeds for Fontenelle Forest to use on their property.  Miss Kate is so gracious to have us come and work!  And of course we had pizza when we returned to school.

    IMG_3310IMG_3312IMG_3313IMG_3315IMG_3341IMG_3415IMG_3416 IMG_3420

    This was a fun project!  We found discarded lumber by the side of our access road.  So we loaded it up, washed and let it dry in the sun.  Then we measured, saw, and screwed together a nice little table for our staff bathroom.  The students learned a lot and had fun helping!

    IMG_3320 IMG_3319 IMG_3318

    We’ve added some house plants to our library and our Ecology Club members have specific jobs to care for them!

    Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 9.52.45 AM

    IMG_3325 IMG_3355 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3360

    This is my mentee, a 5th grade boy!  He doesn’t talk a lot, although his mom says when he warms up to me, he’ll never stop 🙂  I’m still waiting!  We went to the apple orchard and picked apples.  He is also building a monster truck with me and we are reading the book “Witches” by Roald Dahl.  I look forward to our time together.


    While working on the National Green Ribbon award papers for our school, I found 2 beautiful oak chairs in the Papillion’s library dumpster!  Lucky find!!  If you click on GreenRibbonPictures you will open a powerpoint (you may have to select powerpoint to view it) of just the pictures that we submitted for our National Green Ribbon application.


    IMG_3374 IMG_3381 IMG_3379 IMG_3378 IMG_3377 IMG_3385 IMG_3383

    Travel Club spent a Saturday learning about Lewis & Clark and earning their Jr Ranger badges.  Then we traveled to Boys Town to learn about that institution and see their world record ball of stamps 🙂  It was a good day and I think they are now done holding up the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge!

    IMG_3393 IMG_3391 IMG_3395 IMG_3394 IMG_3398 IMG_3397 IMG_3401 IMG_3402

    Leanne and I took some time to pal around Lauritzen Gardens and ate at Le Boullion in the Old Market and then went to Lanoha Nursery for some new house plants!  Very nice time together 🙂

    IMG_3412 IMG_3407 IMG_3410 IMG_3406

    Ecology Club visited with Matt Weber of Table Grace and learned how they take discarded foods from grocery stores and turn it into healthy food.  There is just a good will box where you pay what you can for the food.  If you can’t pay, then you work for your food.  He trains people for the food industry and helps people get a job.  What a wonderful place – and we donated some of our garden produce!

    IMG_3422 IMG_3445 IMG_3430 IMG_3423 IMG_3441 IMG_3435 IMG_3443 IMG_3442

    I took a weekend and traveled down to Kansas City to see Renee Fleming sing!  As you can see my seat was nearly by Pluto, but her sound was absolutely stunning!  I also went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum and was inspired by many pieces – – the one that has just a little snake on the wall is a to-scale recycled silver river of the Missouri!  Cool!  A weekend well spent!


    Our renter was so kind to take dad out for a ride in the cab!  The corn was good this year – when he was riding it was registering 260 bushels per acre!

    IMG_3471 IMG_3467 IMG_3475 IMG_3474

    Our Music Club members were very excited to be a part of the Omaha Symphony’s Spooktacular concert!  They saved their own money and dressed in their costumes and listened to the music from Harry Potter films.  What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

    IMG_3490 IMG_3487 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3482 IMG_3488 IMG_3480 IMG_3479 IMG_3477

    Our Ecology Club cleaned off the garden and we had a cook out afterwards.  We found a nest of mice, plenty of roots to pull out, and learned about how the garden grows.  Our next project will be to put new chicken wire around the bottom of the garden fence.


    Halloween brought Professor McGonagall to Chandler View – – notice the baton 🙂Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.07.14 PM

    IMG_3501 IMG_3496

    The popcorn was ready to shell and the garden fence needed new chicken wire!  The Ecology Club is always busy.

    IMG_3503 IMG_3502 IMG_3507 IMG_3504

    Pizza makes hard work easier! 🙂

    IMG_3530 IMG_3532Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.30.48 PM IMG_3531

    November 10th = 90 years for Rex Brown.  Leanne and I went to Fairview Manor for the birthday supper.  I played my accordion and Leanne handed out cake and ice cream.

    IMG_3535 IMG_3534

    Children’s Classics is reading A Christmas Carol and went to South High School to see the production by the Nebraska Theater Caravan.  Great show with a wonderful message!

    IMG_3539 IMG_3537 IMG_3544 IMG_3542

    In honor of National Recycle Day, our Ecology Club had the Pappio NRD come out and talk to us about recycling.  He also brought a turtle and 2 salamanders and we learned that Omaha doesn’t have salamanders any more.  Our school entered a National Recycle Bowl and in 4 weeks we were able to recycled 4320 pounds of materials.  Way to go Chandler View!

    IMG_3560 IMG_3562

    And then it was time to clean the popcorn!  We harvested and cleaned 3 gallons of popcorn!  We will be using it for a snack after our dress rehearsal for our Christmas concert….Let’s Go to the Movies.  What goes better with a movie than popcorn?? 🙂

    IMG_3571 IMG_3563 IMG_3574 IMG_3572

    Travel Club took a trip to the Joslyn Museum and looked at photographs from the 100th meridian, artwork from the books of No, No David author, David Shannon, and then used smartphones to search for clues for “Edventures.”  These scavenger hunts were written by OPS middle school students in collaboration with UNO students.  Travel Club members said they really enjoyed the trip.


    IMG_3582 IMG_3580 IMG_3584 IMG_3583

    Our family moves Thanksgiving around to suit everyone’s schedules so after our meal, Leanne and I had invited family to come to the house for a birthday reception for dad.  He was very pleased at the turn out!


    From left to right:  Rosalie Kleinschmidt, Jo Ann Schlecht, Wilt Schlecht, Tom Novak, Deb Novak, PJ O’Connor, Leanne Manning, Nancy Whitted, Mark Manning, Rex Brown, Barry Brown, Jennifer Brown, Myah Brown, Brendan Brown, Sydney Brown, Butch Dittmer, Tad Dittmer.  Came but left early – – Patsy & Tom Rohrig.

    IMG_3597 IMG_3596

    This is my mentee.  Each week we meet and read a book together – Witches by Roald Dahl and we’ve been putting this truck together.  It was strange after we got it done, he didn’t really want other kids to see he had it.  I think he still wants to be in the “cool” group = naughties, so wasn’t willing to have them see him have this model.  I have a long ways to go with him 🙂


    Our staff went to Gallup on the morning before Thanksgiving break to talk about our strengths.  These are mine.  1. I like to learn  2. I’m a careful, private person.  3. I like to get things done.  4.  I will do what I say I will do.  5. I like to think.

    IMG_3598 IMG_3599

    Our new hand drums came in!  Can’t wait to get started with the students!

    Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.07.26 PM

    It finally got cold enough to straw the strawberries, so the Chandler View Ecology Club went out and got the task completed.  Afterwards the kids said, “This was fun!”  🙂

    Travel Club wrote a few lines to students in the Czech Republic.  It’s fun to share experiences across the Atlantic Ocean!

    The post-lady rang my door bell and handed me this wonderful birthday present from Minsk, Belarus!  A beautiful table cloth and napkins made with fibers from Belarus entitled “The Music of Spring.”  Thank you Olga 🙂

    Leanne sent me this picture of mom in the bottom of Royal Gorge!  Can you tell which one she is??  They don’t look very happy – – must have been a hot day!

    Remember all that popcorn we harvested, shelled, and cleaned?  Well here it is!  The students were each given a bag of it to eat after our dress rehearsal, because what goes better with movies than popcorn??

    Lots of Santa’s Elves helped make that dream a reality – – they sacked 800 bags of popcorn!

    5th and 6th grade choruses.  They will also be going to perform for Christmas at Union Station on the 20th.  This was dress rehearsal, for the program they all wore very nice outfits!

    Our office staff and administrators were ready to go to the movies!  It’s such fun to work with these wonderful people!  If you go to youtube.com and type in Chandler View Cougars, you’ll come to our school’s channel and you can watch our Christmas program.

    Another traditional event in December is the caroling party at Pine Crest Bed & Breakfast.  This is the dessert bar before we sang!

    Ecology Club members spent the morning writing to catalog companies asking them not to send multiple copies to our school!  The hardest part was getting the enveloped addressed correctly!  🙂

    A pretty sunset over the Platte River is a perk for driving to and from work each day!

    The 5th and 6th Grade Choruses went to Christmas at Union Station, Tuesday, Dec 20th.

    Chorus students sang their Christmas program selections and then combined to sing two more songs for the audience.  There were many parents there!  Students had pizza before they went!

    Our annual holiday craft party for Ecology Club is always a fun evening!  This year students were challenged to create from recycled materials after they had harvested thyme, marjoram, and rosemary.  They also made bowls from yarn and wreaths from candy canes.

    And our family Christmas at the Kramer Kastle!  Emily got a new golden retriever and named her Gloria!

































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