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    After we got back from Winter Break, I took the 5th and 6th grade chorus members to the movie Sing!  What an uplifting show with lots of great singing and positive messages.  33 students came!

    Miss Kate at Fontenelle Forest let the Ecology Club come and look at the raptor display.  We got to see a barn owl close up!

    Travel Club and Ecology Club went to the LaVista Library on a Saturday morning and then to Table Grace for lunch!

    The Sound of Music was a big hit with our Music Club students as 31 Cougars got to dance, sing, search about Austria on the computer, eat Schnitzel and noodles and creme puffs, take a nap, and then get on the bus to go to Images of Nature photo gallery and then to the Orpheum!  What a wonderful night of learning!

    14 sixth grade chorus members sang for All-City at the Holland Performing Arts Center!

    Mike Kros from The DRLGroup came to Chandler View to talk to the Ecology Club students about energy and LEED buildings.  His knowledge was amazing and he promised to come back to show us how to biodiesel!  We also learned how to use watt detectors and how to save money with CFL bulbs.

    This is our wildlife water hole on the family farm in Fairmont.  Leanne thought it looked like a painted picture!

    The Ecology Club had a service project entitled Read to Feed.  They got pledges from family and friends for reading.  Then the money was collected and we were able to send Heifer International $175 to purchase small animals and trees for people of the 3rd world countries.

    I traveled along with iClub to Do Space.  The students got to see what 3D printers could do, and what is available for them to work on there.  My group was making a piano play by using play-dough connected to a controller!

    I was able to attend Joslyn art museum’s Thursdays for Teachers.  As you can see there were really artists there, but the lady in charge said I should enter my “masterpiece” for their art show!

    6th graders were learning about Broadway musicals and when asked to list as many as they could – – some came up with over 25 shows!  Wonderful 🙂

    Future home of the Chandler View Community Garden!  More to come 🙂


    The River Town String Band and caller Eric Manley came to Chandler View for an afternoon of folk dancing with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!  What could be more fun?? 🙂  They even let me sit in and play too!

    Kindergarten and 1st Grade brain-stormed ideas on how to save water!


    Our first community garden meeting had 3 families present!  We are up to 14 and counting!

    During the 2nd day of Parent/Teacher conferences, members of the Chandler View Ecology Club came and helped take a pickup load of dead plant materials out of the flower gardens and we marked off and mowed down where the new community garden beds will be.  A successful couple hours!

    I helped make a scrumptious meal for the new superintendent of Raymond Central during spring break.  Harriet and I cooked up a great meal for 20 people to get to know Derrick Joel.

    Over Spring Break, Leanne and I took Pedro – my mentee – out to see the cranes in Grand Island.  Have you ever seen a corn cob pile that large??  Anyway, we stopped at Shane Bristol’s garage and Pedro got to drive a tractor and ATV.  Pretty special day as Pedro was the first to see the cranes in the corn fields:)  Grandpa Brown treated Pedro with candy – what else??

    Members of the Ecology and Travel club were treated to ice skating at Baxter Arena on UNO’s campus.  For most, this was the very first time they had been ice skating and by the end they were able to skate about without leaning on the wall!

    The Ecology Club was able to raise over 200 dollars by getting pledges for reading to send to Heifer International to help others less fortunate than themselves.  The kids said it felt good to do this project!

    Miss Czech-Slovak Queen of Missouri, Emily Manning came to Chandler View and presented to students about the culture of the Czech Republic.  She had kolaches for Music Club!!

    Ecology Club did some activism work and wrote letters to the Public Service Commission telling them they didn’t think the XL Pipeline should go through our water source in Nebraska!  So often students don’t think they can “do” anything, but writing letters is a great way to start being a concerned citizen.

    April 1st found our Music Club members being chefs at The Grey Plume and then attending the Omaha Symphony’s Ratatouille concert in the evening.  What a delightful day for the students and they felt so good about being able to “cook” their own tasty meal!  Yes, they made the bow tie pasta themselves!

    James Johnson and Deanna Garcia from the Omaha Symphony spent the whole morning with us at the Grey Plume.  They really enjoyed the children and were able to have many conversations!

    Well, the carrot peeler is sharp – but only one causality!

    Ecology Club members planted a few perennials and 40 pansies to finish out our beautiful landscaping gardens.

    I was happy to have Pedro and his brother Joel help at our carnival booth called crazy hat!  The little ball bounced everywhere and these two were able to keep the game going smoothly!

    To celebrate Earth Day, Ecology Club members delivered recycled lunch boxes filled with soil and marigold seeds that happened to be recycled as well!!  And some of the students get to peek into the blue bird box!

    This semester I attended Thursdays for Teachers at the Joslyn Art Museum.  It was a wonderful experience and my little still life was selected for the art show!  I can now say I’ve had my art in the Joslyn!

    The odd looking shapes were a group process with cut outs rolled with paint to resemble the Chihuly piece in the museum.  And the statue of liberty was pastels and a musical quote for jazzer Duke Ellington as the rest of the teachers made artwork of skylines and had a quote from an immigrant.  Just some really nice things that all tied together for some great nights of learning!

    Leanne and Mark were able to get up and personal with prairie chickens while down in Burchard, NE on a mini vacation after tax season.  They heard them booming and got to watch them do their mating dances!

    Everyone at Chandler View was asked to write what makes them proud about OPS.  Our students swayed towards interesting trips and our wonderful principal!! 🙂

    Chandler View celebrated Earth and Arbor Days with an all school assembly entitled, “It’s Easy Being Green,” with the Music Club at the microphones.  Each class stood up and sang and everyone was proud of their accomplishments and learned what the other classes had to offer on how to be “green.”

    There is a reason Chandler View is a Green Ribbon school 🙂  Everyone does their part to make sure we take care of ourselves and our planet.

    These students got to speak at the OPS board meeting!  They were very proud of their Green Ribbon Awards, and rightly so!

    Our school year ends in the music room with the joyous sounds of world drumming!

    Travel Club and Children’s Classics took in the Renaissance Festival at the Bellevue Berry Patch!

    On May 23rd the community garden beds were cut out and compost rototilled in!  4 new beds 🙂

    Now we need water lines and a fence!

    Leanne and I went to see the musical Matilda and beforehand experienced a great quilt exhibit.  The show was called Deeply Rooted and the craftsmanship was exceptional.

    This piece is all pop cans that had been cut into thin strips and then bent and looked like little tags.

    I hope you can see the netting and how this was just layers and layers of fabric, yarn, and string.  Amazing!

    A street in Praha and the knots in the tree had family members faces in them!

    Ooh, the colors!!

    As you can tell, I really enjoyed all these people’s hard work and talented efforts 🙂

    In the lobby of the Lied Center, LPS elementary schools had constructed banners representing their schools since Matilda is about a school aged girl.  A local book store was there giving out free copies of the books to all children and many schools had groups of students in the audience.  What a cool production, although the sound wasn’t very good as you couldn’t discern the words on stage 🙁

    Of course June is Camp Cougar month and this year we had Gilder Elementary join us as their school building is being renovated.

    The strawberry crop was disappointing.  Sure there were quite a few, but they were little and very seedy instead of fleshy.  The older students turned over two flower garden patches so the 2nd graders could plant their pollinator seeds.

    Our 4th and 5th graders made connections (our theme) between themselves and Mozart by using postcards I’ve received over the years through Postcrossing.com.  We watched clips from the movie Amadeus and read little known facts about Mozart so we could construct posters that showed what Mozart was like, what the student was like and then a couple cards that made a connection between composer and student.

    Students looked through the postcards, arranged them on the poster boards, and then wrote about each postcard.

    This student really got into the project and was able to make some clever connections and comments!

    The exciting part of this was when the students would start humming along with the music of Mozart as they worked!  I’m hoping to have some Mozart scholars this coming year 🙂

    The 2nd graders were studying pollinators.  So they planted flower seeds, went on scavenger hunts, picked strawberries, and made solitary bee hives out of toilet paper rolls and straws and rolled up newspaper.  They planted some petunias in the bird sanctuary to spread some beauty around the school.

    I was assigned the 4th grade for trips.  Our first trip was to UNO’s planetarium and then to hear a lecture on STEM.  I think the students enjoyed the park the most! 🙂

    Our next trip took us to Glacier Spring Prairie where the students were scientists, using dipping nets, recording temperatures of burned and growing prairie land, catching bugs in nets and using microscopes to see what the naked eye can not.  We ended the day at the ice skating rink!

    Time to straw the potato patches and take the straw out of our shoes!!

    Our next trip took us to the Bob Kerrey bridge and to the Joslyn Museum where we saw the Bijoux Parisiens: French Jewelry from the Petit Palais, Paris.  My!  What extravagance!

    The students were all practicing some of their illustration skills after having looked at books by Alice and Martin Provensen.

    Our last week’s trip was to Halleck park to fish – a first for many of the students – and to the Pappio Bowling alley.  I’ve never seen so many gutter balls in my life! 🙂

    The 25th Street smash musical, Get Connected! was presented by the 3rd graders on the last day of Camp Cougar.

    Part 1


    Part 2

    How about some nice garden pictures to start the month of July?  This July was the driest I’ve seen in 10 years of teaching at Chandler View!  Meanwhile in Lincoln, we had 10 inches of rain that Omaha did not!

    After a morning of gardening I picked up my mentee and his brother for a day of fun.  We went to the International Bakery, to Fontenelle Forest, to Golden Corral where my mentee’s brother fell in love with the chocolate fountain, and to the public library.  It was good to be with them:)

    Our School was awarded a US Dept of Education Green Ribbon and our principal went to DC to collect the plaque while I cheered via live stream over the internet:)

    Leanne’s county fair had some great items!  It’s always fun to see what kids can do:)

    Harriet and I attended an “I Love Public Schools” march.  There was even a polka band playing!!

    Just a lovely sunset in July!

    I can say I’ve been to house concert!  Harriet and I had a nice meal and heard Bruce Mandel perform at Whispering Pines B&B in Nebraska City.

    The DLR Group, Omaha and Lincoln Public Schools had a green schools conference at Mahoney State Park and I must say they grow some mighty fine weed there too!! ha 🙂

    Time for Czech Days!!  This lovely young lady made her family very proud of her as she was named 1st Runner Up National Czech-Slovak Queen:)  Posters, talent, speaking, answering questions, modeling were all requirements for the contest.  Love you Emily Mae!

    Emily is a graduate student at the University of Missouri, so she was representing Missouri in the contest.  Gee, just one more semester and she’ll have her Masters!

    If you’ve not gone to the Backyard Farmer garden on East Campus, you really should plan to do so.  They even have little free libraries!!

    We started the school year off with stations in the music room….it gave me a chance to hear the kids sing individually and talk with most of them one on one.  They even looked like they had fun 🙂

    On the 3rd day of school we had a 98% eclipse and the entire school was outside to take it all in!

    Metro Community College at the Fort Dodge campus has new buildings and I got to see them with a bunch of architects!  It’s nice to know the right people 🙂  The campus is planning on getting the Gold LEED award – very prestigious!

    I saw an estate sale sign and pulled in.  The little suitcase will work beautifully for our musical The Adventures of Lewis and Clark.  The wooden chair was too nice to leave there – I’m refinishing it – – look for it next summer 🙂

    Chandler View gardeners harvest potatoes and we had over 100 pounds of squash for open house.  Fun times!

    Did you know that first graders fit perfectly into 5 gallon buckets?  One of our songs said “threw them in a garbage bin.”  Lots of smiles and laughter:)

    I got a new bike rack for my car and my mentee and had a great ride around a lake in northwest Omaha.  The best part was the pizza afterwards according to my mentee 🙂

    Here’s my architect friend showing the Ecology Club how to make biodiesel.  He takes used frying oil and makes fuel and they use it in the trains at the zoo!  Pretty neat!

    2nd graders like being a horse and wagon!  I’m not sure kids really play with anything but purchased toys any more!

    Travel Club and Ecology Club spent a Saturday at the Backyard Farmer gardens and looking at the heart sculptures on main campus.  The best part was the dairy store!!  Some kids even got most the ice cream IN their mouths 🙂

    Ecology Club helped to plant a new lily bed in front of our school.

    Then it was time to do our Green Apple Day of Service project with Fontennelle Forest.  We harvested forbes seed for them to use later.

    My mentee and his brother got into the act and we made sound exploratory boards for the pre-K kids.  The adults had lots of fun banging on the old kitchen ware too 🙂

    Then is was time to plant 500 tulip bulbs!  We got it done and then went and worked in the garden to start clearing it off for winter.

    Kids are good workers and they love to help and be important.  I just wish we had more for them to do like this!

    I enjoyed this show.  Sherri Doht and I attended it.  It’s fun to do our critique afterwards!

    Travel Club went to a public library, a little park, Table Grace for lunch, more outside time.  A very fun Saturday!

    Leanne got new kitties.  There are 3 of them, but getting them all in the picture at once isn’t easy!

    The all black one is called “Boo.”  🙂

    What better way to spend some time after school, than clearing off the garden.  Of course pizza helps!

    And since we are going to have a community garden at Chandler View, the old fence had to come down.  All that’s standing now is one gate.  It will soon be joined by 7 other gates and lots of fencing as we’ll have 5 good sized beds to plant in next spring!!

    I attended a ukulele workshop here in Lincoln and the best part was that I could walk to it!  They held it at North Star HS.  We worked with a guy who doesn’t live very far from Chandler View – so maybe that will come in handy someday:)

    One of the Ecology Club members thought I should be a green thumb for Halloween.  Suited me just fine!

    Dr. Olga from Minsk, Belarus sent me some wonderful things for my birthday.  The best part was that I got to share them with my students as we are doing the Sister City program.  Lithuania is a neighbor, so our 3rd graders are learning much.  Thank you Olga!

    We have some awesome sunrises at school as we sit on the top of a hill!

    One of our 5th graders has brain cancer, for the 2nd time, and so our school held a benefit supper for the family.  They asked the chorus to sing and pizza, carrots, oranges, juice and cookies were brought in.  They ate 15 pizzas!  Then we went to the library and sang at 4 different times.  In between there were activities for students to participate in the gym and classrooms.  Our school raised over $10,000 for the family!   Way to go Cougars!

    Here’s a little clip of our singing:

    ‪Our chorus performing for he Pasta Party Benefit ‬

    Posted by Chandler View Elementary on Thursday, November 16, 2017


    This gem of a book came on my birthday from the Czech Republic.  Not from family, but a Postcrossing pen pal.  She is studying to be a teacher and I like to hear all the things she has to do for her requirements.

    Our Children’s Classics group read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and then we went to see the Nebraska Caravan’s production at South High School.

    Image result for nebraska caravan christmas carol

    After the show, the boy with the thumbs up asked me, “What other musicals do they do here?”  Image result for heart

    Our Christmas program this year was entitled “Sister Cities Celebration!”  Omaha has six sister cities and each grade level learned about a country and sang in their language.  The Omaha Sister City Association sent a representative from Germany to speak with our 4th graders and the Irish delegate is promising a March lecture for our 6th graders.  The students were very proud of their newly learned languages!

    The Chorus was a young one with only 16 sixth graders in it…watch out next year!! 🙂

    One 6th grade class had a grand time hamming up the solos in Christmas in Killarney!

    Our 5th graders have tons of talent!

    4th graders LOVED singing in German!!

    3rd graders had a blast trying to find Santa!!

    2nd graders loved singing in Chinese!

    1st graders were wishing for their 2 front teeth and even had a little Hispanic dance!

    And what program would be complete without breaking a piñata?

    There are some very special people I get to work with at Chandler View!  Who else has a principal brave enough to wear Lederhosen??  Our assistant principal dressed in a beautiful German dress and our stage manager had her Irish outfit on.  Our translator made buñuelos for our 1st graders to taste since they sang about them.  She also made the piñatas, and the skirts the girls wore for the dance. I’m pretty sure she can make anything out of tissue paper!!

    Leanne and I took part in the Christmas bird count and the most amazing thing we saw was an Emu!  Not to be counted, but pretty amazing to find out around Conestoga Lake!

    Emily, or rather the National Czech-Slovak 1st Runner Up Queen, came to Chandler View to spread the love of her culture to our students!  She read a book about Dvorak and his American String Quartet that featured the sounds of the Scarlet Tanager!

    We had the students move to the 3rd movement of the quartet and they had to act like birds and come eat some gummy worms!  Then they filled up bird whistles with water and serenaded us with wonderful bird sounds!

    Emily delighted the older students with an informational talk about Christmas customs in the Czech Republic (I learned a lot!!) and sang Jingle Bells in Czech.

    The last week of school our staff pulled together to cover classes unfilled by the lack substitute teachers.  I spent one day in the library with double classes.  We sang carols, and played a music trivia game and even made musical icons out of play-doh!

    Our annual holiday craft party for Ecology Club found the students painting t-shirts, decorating cookies (and of course eating them!) and painting small blocks to create snowmen to give as gifts.

    So endth 2017, and now to relax and eat with the family.  I hope your family can do the same.  Merry Christmas ~ veselé Vanoce!

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    AND A…

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