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    Chandler View music club prepped for The King & I, by staying after school Friday, Jan 19th and singing songs and learning about the show.  Then we ate an oriental meal catered in by Hy-Vee and had a rest period before we changed into our good clothes.  Then onto the bus for the sites of Kaneko’s Light display and then to the Orpheum for a fantastic show!  The king was the same man who played the part on Broadway, so we had the best of the best!!

    Chandler View chorus was treated to the musical movie, The Greatest Showman.  26 students came to the theater and I’m thinking a couple of the songs would make great chorus songs!!

    Image result for the greatest showman

    Chandler View had 5 sixth grade singers participate in All-City.

    Usually January is a great month to get lots of teaching and learning done, but this year we had 3 snow days!  “Red sky in the morning, teachers give warning!” 🙂

    Our Music Club presented The Adventures of Lewis and Clark on Friday, February 9th.  We had 4 rehearsals after school and put the musical together.

    As you can see our cast of 30 students had plenty to eat, we played the Lewis & Clark board game, and got fitted for our costumes.  These students really did a nice job and became a little family 🙂  The next club time they said they were ready to do another show!

    Friday, February 23rd found members of the Ecology Club doing science experiments led by GSK Sr. Researcher Sherri Doht.  We found the acidity in sour candy and blueberry syrup and learned how water filters work.

    The boy in the black shirt is my mentee and I have NEVER seen more than a little smile on his face.  To see his facial expressions was worth all the trouble of having this night of science!! 🙂

    Our school holds a Wellness Night for students and families.  I was in the Plinko room and it was interesting to see Dads and sons try to get the little ball all the way to top of the maze!

    Travel and Ecology Club members went to see the Light exhibit at Kaneko.  It was great and the kids enjoyed themselves very much.  We even had time to walk around Old Town and found the vintage ballroom!  Of course we start with food…what’s better than eating ice cream out of the bucket?? 🙂

    The room they are looking into is constantly changing patterns.  It has a glass/mirror floor and we weren’t allowed to go in as someone had dropped their cell phone and broke the floor!  So they were repairing it!  One exhibit is controlled from the Netherlands!  Really a cool exhibit!

    On Saturday, March 3 I attended a 5 hour workshop on citizen science.  There are many projects out there waiting for the average citizen to gather data on.  You can bet we’ll be providing them with some data soon!


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