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    A fun little rhythm for 5th graders played by Mr Nowak (2nd grade teacher) and Mr. Thiel (assistant principal) – this is what makes Chandler View such a fun place to work!

    Another perk of working at Chandler View – a small pot luck on a work day!

    Ian Rose went to the Grand Canyon over Christmas break and I got a lovely pin! School friends are the best 🙂

    The CV Ecology Club is studying about food. We watched this movie and then drew our own farm! I learned a lot about what our students know and don’t know about where their food comes from.

    The Biggest Little Farm

    One Friday’s release was right in the midst of a winter storm blowing through, so I got a hotel room and settled in for the night!

    Les Mis was a brilliantly sung show! I loved it 🙂

    I have a few little dishes out on my deck, filled with bird seed and unfortunately, this Cooper’s hawk decided to see what he was missing!

    January is a fun month with Emily’s birthday! We all went to the Green Gateau for a lovely evening meal!

    Sometimes I have 2 classes come at once. This set up was 6th and Kindergartners and the fellowship they created was adorable. Not only dancing with each other, but the older students helping the little ones to write rhythms. Very cool! You could feel the fellowship in the room at the end of class 🙂

    How to celebrate Mozart’s birthday? Well with the showing of the Magic Flute of course! Music Club members watched the opera from the Met!

    My mentee and I went to the Kaneko – which was in-between exhibits :(, but then we went to Spaghetti Works and all was better!

    On the last night of January, my sister, her minister, and an outstanding 4-Her and I made up half a team for 1st Plymouth’s Trivia Contest. My goodness there is a lot I don’t know, but the evening was very fun and we met a wizard of trivia, who fortunately sat at our table!! Our team came in 3rd! We found out there was another Fairmont HS alumni at the table too!

    Harvest the Vote book talk at Francie & Finch bookstore was a well attended event. I felt good that others feel the same way politically as do I. “This Blessed Earth” author, Ted Genoways introduced Jane Kleeb. The Tribal Chairman of the Ponca Tribe of NE, Larry Wright, Jr. spoke. And Randy Thompson of “I Stand with Randy” fame from Merrick County was there as well. C-Span was covering the event and NE author, Mary Pipher was in attendance as well!

    These 2 groundhogs predicted a muddy time at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center as we spent over an hour hiking around the property since the temperature was 60 degrees F!

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